Passion Projects

Below you'll find personal projects from the past few years. All are focused on drawing and I hope communicate my passion for quick and clear visual communication. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy this weird stuff I like to make in my spare time :)


Bermuda 2017

This is a Riso printed, perfect bound zine of drawings I created while on vacation in Bermuda last winter. These drawings were created mostly as blind-contour drawings, which means they were drawn while looking at the object rather than looking at the paper I was drawing on. I love this process because it's more enjoyable for me (I get to look at the interesting view rather than my representation of it) and I find it results in surprising and interesting mark-making.  

I also created this website for the book.

Animation Reel

Hand-drawn and After Effects animations, created while I taught myself how to use After Effects.

Wilma Store Summer Drawing Project

In the summer of 2016, I was fortunate to have access to a storefront space in Bedford-Stuyvessant near my apartment that I shared with friends and used as studio space. The space had been empty for a couple of years, and members of the neighborhood were very interested in what we were doing in the space. 

In response to the community interest, a few friends and I started hosting Saturday drawing classes for kids, where we set up a table on the sidewalk and drew with the kids in the neighborhood. 



Cactus Girl Pizza Boy Comic

Cactus Girl Pizza Boy is an ongoing Instagram comic about a girl that is a cactus and a boy that's made of pizza. They live in a world of normal humans and are friends because they're both different than everyone else.

Fish in the Air Ducts

"Fish in the Aird Ducts" was a solo show of drawings and animations at Inner Space in Jersey City in March 2017. 


Forget Everything You Know

A book of drawings from 2015. The drawings visually explored the limits of the page in a book, fighting to contradict the inherent flatness and the borders of the page.