Anna Hegarty is a
Digital Product Designer.

She is currently working at the Manhattan School of Music. Previously she has worked for Man Repeller and Ogilvy & Mather. 



As a UX designer at the Manhattan School of Music (MSM), I've had the opportunity to work on the complete overhaul of the School's website, including a reorganization of content pertaining to all aspects of the School from prospective student experience through donor experience. This project has touched every department and administrative office in the school.

Working inside of the communications and design department, under the supervision of the Director of Digital Strategy, I managed three graduate students to restructure and build over 900 website pages. 


  • Create Information Architecture
  • Conduct usability testing for the new site on desktop and mobile
  • Present findings to stakeholders
  • Manage a team of 3 graduate students on the build out of over 900 pages


  1. Increase quantity of applications without diminishing quality
  2. Raise the School's profile
  3. Improve usability for students and donors


This process took place for all of the major departments and offices in the school, including Admissions, Advancement, Student Life, Student Health, etc.

  1. Meet with stakeholders to establish goals
  2. Iterate on the design
  3. Conduct usability testing
  4. Assimilate findings
  5. Present findings to stakeholders and reassess goals

You can view the website here.



UX research and prototyping for "Go See" an itinerary management app


  1. Create an easy-to-use, central location for storing all travel itinerry information
  2. Provide just-in-time, location-based information
  3. Optimize for users over the age of 50

Design Process:

  1. Initial interviews to establish current pain point
  2. Market Research
  3. Affinity mapping
  4. Persona creation
  5. Journey mapping
  6. Prototyping
  7. Usability testing
  8. Iteration

You can view the final prototype here.



Animation Reel

These animations were created in After Effects and drawn frame-by-frame.



Animated Editorial Illustration for Man Repeller


Create an animated illustration about the expense of laser hair removal.

View the story here.


Surface Pattern Designs for LEIF Shop

Under the art direction of the incredible Stacy Longernecker, I created a set of surface pattern designs for LEIF Shop's first home goods collection. The designs were used on pillows, matchboxes, and tea towels. You can purchase these designs here.



Bermuda 2017, a zine

This is a Risograph printed, perfect bound zine of drawings. These drawings were created mostly as blind-contour drawings, which means they were drawn while looking at the object rather than looking at what I was drawing. 

I also created this website for the book.




Anna Hegarty
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